SLT/HT coaching

Many headteachers and senior leaders are wary and dubious of coaching – they feel that it is a sign of weakness and almost as if someone is advising them how to do their job. My view is that nothing could be further from the truth (to see what I really think about it’s benefits click here). Working with a coach is not about receiving advice on how to do your job. It is about paying someone who is objective with you, does not judge, and is there to help you come to the right decisions through questioning and support. Obviously a coach will offer advice if prompted and give their views on how to resolve issues (this is mentoring) although this should never be imposed. I myself have a coach and also coach other senior leaders from a small group of schools in Birmingham.

If you are interested in receiving coaching or want to know more about how to be put in touch with a coach then complete the form below.


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