Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust

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The journey so far

Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust was officially formed in July 2016 and currently has two schools: Robin Hood Academy and Cedars Academy whilst it also supports Yenton Primary on a service level agreement.

In the past five years, Robin Hood Academy has specialised in school-to-school support and so creating a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) seemed a natural progression to ensure that we can create lasting partnerships and build upon the effective work that has already taken place.

Within the current educational climate we are seeing more and more examples of schools formally working together with each MAT having specific ways of operating

Our goal

At Robin Hood our goal is to create a MAT which links like-minded schools together to create an inspiring learning experience for all of the children – regardless of which school they attend.

Our driving principal is that we want to work with schools who have an open mindset and are interested in breaking some of the traditional approaches to education.

We pride ourselves on innovation, taking risks and operating creatively. It is important that, regardless of Ofsted grades, we work with schools who believe in deviating from the educational norm and instead choose to be part of a collective team that creates a system that we fully believe in.

Bright future

When we set up the MAT we were very clear that we were not going to target a set number of schools because, for us, it is about the quality of how we operate rather than focusing on the volume of schools we are working with.

We believe in growing capacity within each school and celebrating their individuality – we have decided that we want to nurture individuality rather than impose a set blue print on every school that works with us.

One of the underlying foundations of how we operate is that we want to encourage schools and their staff to take risks, embrace when things don’t go according to plan and then evaluate and refine their practice.

No school is perfect and Robin Hood Academy certainly isn’t, but our key strength is our ability to embrace mistakes and use them as a learning opportunity for improvement.

We believe that operating as a MAT gives us a bright future where we work with a range of people who share similar philosophies.