The Waiting Game

In many ways the most difficult time after you have secured your first headship is the period in between accepting the job and taking up the post. This is often the time when it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on your role as deputy head due to the exciting and daunting realisation that you are about to become the ultimate leader of the school. You will increasingly find yourself strategizing about the job and thinking about what you will do, how you will go about things – this can become draining and below are practical tips you can act on before starting.

The Waiting Game

If you would like to see an example of the 1:1 staff meeting questions then please visit this blog over the next few days as this will be added.

Final thought…when you share with other colleagues and associates you know that you are set to become a headteacher you will inevitably find that some people like to point out the negatives in the job e.g. it’s a lot of pressure, why would you do that? Are you really ready? The pay is poor, the hours are long, you’re selling out by not staying as a teacher…the list could go on. I personally ask that you do one thing – fight your corner and be passionate about why you are going in to the job – to make a difference, to develop leaders, to improve the outcomes for pupils, to unite a community. There are just too many people who are negative about headship, make sure you’re not one of them. Yes it’s tough at times and can be a real roller coaster but ultimately it is the best job going and a massive honour. Never lose site of that!


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